What is a good app for scheduling medications?


I know that there have been several threads discussing this. I would like to put an app on my son’s phone to help teach him to monitor and schedule when to take medications so that he can start to be more responsible for his own care/treatment. Since he doesn’t pay to much attention to clocks or time then I’m hoping with some sort of alarm/alert we can try to get him on a better sleep schedule which ties in with then he takes his sleep medication.

What apps have worked best for you?


I am not using any apps, but I have my method. I use a coctail glass that is filled with my meds and vitamin supplements regularly so that I remember to take my meds in the evening, during the day and in the morning. For example, I fill this coctail glass already in the evening after taking my evening meds so that it is ready in the next morning when I take it at my regular time.


I think no app is needed.

• Several alarms with description with option for repeating alarm on any chosen day(s).

• Maybe Calendar in-built app will work as well. It can have recurrence.(if that’s the correct word for it)


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An app that does that would help a lot of people out. Of that I’m sure.


Tasker is the best app you’ll find for things like this. It takes a little time to figure it out but it is an incredibly powerful application. I set it up to sound an alarm, create a pop up message, and send a text reminding my girlfriend to take her meds every night at 8pm.


I didn’t even think about alarms… I just set up 3 on his phone. When to get up, when to take his Lithium and when to take his Trazodone.


Hi Barbie, I set up multiple alarms on my smart phone and I label each alarm with the name of the med.
I then use a checklist app and mark off the med I just took