What is a good antidepressant with haloperidol?

I tried trintellix and found it too drowsing, cymbalta was full of side effects. Now on escitalopram and works good, but my last pdoc said it was a bad mix with haloperidol due to QT syndrome. I would ask to go on sertraline, but it has the same bad interaction. My last psychiatrist has quit so i dont have anyone to consult with. Anyone with a use of haloperidol tried any good antidepressants?

I take Haldol and Celexa

How it is this combo? Celeca and lexapro are almost identical, hasnt your pdoc said anything about QT syndrome on these meds?

Yes. I get an ekg once a year to monitor for that. So far, everything has been fine @Newlyborn

Did you have initial dizziness and cloudy mind first weeks on it?

No dizziness, and I don’t think clearly but that’s been well before taking Celexa.

@Newlyborn I thought that your Doctor wasn’t concerned about you taking Haloperidol with Escitalopram?
My wife takes Fluoxetine with Haloperidol which she is happy with, but she can only take 10mg Fluoxetine a day because at 20mg it seems to increase brain activity and makes her epilepsy worse.
Sertraline can make psychotic symptoms worse, so titrate up slowly if you think about trying that one.

The only anti depressant I find effective without messing up my mental state, is Welbuterin / Buproprion. It’s a cathinone and works by releasing extra dopamine into the brain. Some people abuse it because snorting it can feel similar to cocaine. it can increase your risk of having a seizure. But it’s not going to sedate you. Could make you feel restless or aggressive, but Haldol should cancle that out. I’m not a doctor, just basing my opinion on my experiences with and reading on those medications. Many psychiatrists prefer not to prescribe drugs that increase dopamine due to risk of psychotic episode. But many will weigh other factors into their decision and still prescribe it.