What interesting you did today?

I was in cbt that was fun. Also i Didnt drawed long time too will need to draw something soon


how was cbt, what did it entail

I drank some coffee and now i’m on the forums. I’m always on here it seems. I guess that’s interesting!

i went to a support group and it was good, met some friends and we had a quiz and our team won the first game.


I went and took a peek at my rental house on the outside of it. It’s a disaster area. All the hedges and the garden are overgrown. I told my rental agent about it per email. She better have a talk with my tenants.

I’m building a cat tree for my cats. It isn’t a very good looking one, but the cats like it (so far) and they won’t be able to break it. Plus the price is right! And I enjoy building things.


Nothing interesting, but I have a bird identification app and it has recordings of each type of bird’s song. We have an Anna’s Hummingbird who has claimed our feeder as his own. He sits up in the tree and waits for another hummingbird to come and chases it away. So, I played the recording of his song and he got pretty upset. He started looking around and then flying around looking for the trespassing hummingbird.
Poor thing… I only did that for a minute or two.

I took a bath and fiddled around with a shawl that I’m knitting. Now that my mom is home, we’re going to go out for a walk.

Umm i think i will go out tonight for a few hours. I cleaned made food :shallow_pan_of_food: worked and was productive.

I made chili for my boys

I have thought for a moment that I have been responsible for causing a bug in a very important web site, but finally, it turned out it was not my fault. Fiew :relieved:

Well yesterday I did a simple physics problem to determine if a tremere discipline in vampire the masquerade(telekinesis) could accelerate a projectile to do the same damage as a bullet. The kinetic energy for the discipline at 5 dots was about equal to that of a bullet. This is if you consider a problem where it travels in a 1meter circle. Not considering the impact of gravity half of the force you can use is spent trying to counter the centripetal force. Or was that centrifugal. Anyway if you consider the problem to travel a straight line it ends up being a couple thousand times the kinetic energy of a bullet. However that is impractical do to space.