What inspired you to create your nickname?

I like Lazy-boy-chairs.

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I need to get one of those nice and comfortable gaming chairs. They’re flashy too.

I actually own an off brand lazy-boy. Mine is a living room chair not a gaming chair. I’m sure they sell gaming ones.

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I really don’t know. But I don’t like it.

I take payment in Rick and Morty memes. One is sufficient.

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oh and my screen name was originally ZombieMombie because I like zombies and a zombie mom is a Mombie.

I changed it to DearZombie because I used to give bad advice and was an undead Dear Abby type.


I’m simply the canuk because Im Canadian

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I am in Canada too.

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@Aziz What province? I’m in Ontario.

I am in Quebec so I speak French too.

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I was (and am) so solitary, I was hoping to strike a chord with people. I’m still really shy.

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I wanted a username that was partly my real name and also distinct from other online aliases.

This is a more candid me about my life struggles, and also I wanted a dancing banana to smile at.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time :slight_smile:


I am a child of the Earth, love to care for it, love nature - and hippie life to some degree. :blush::v::seedling::earth_africa::sunflower:

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Heigen5 just is a cameup name to change this world a bit more friendly. I mean that was one of the reasons why I created it.

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