What insight into yourself have your voices given you?

Are there things they have brought to light that you may otherwise have not known about yourself?

I know, because of the voices, that I’m a control freak and I’m not very empathetic.

Those things seem obvious,

But they manifest in such odd ways that I possibly never would have figured it out without the added input.

What do you think?

Has your illness offered any insight into your being?


I think it kinda forced me to accept that sometimes my ability to see the bigger picture can be compromised, that sometimes I may have to accept I may be wrong and apologize for how i perceived certain events, like arguments and stuff. It’s made me realize, that for me at least, what other people call reality isn’t always the same for me. It’s not a negative thing. I just think being schizophrenic, in a way, has helped me become a better person. I learned long ago that when you do things that you feel guilty or apprehensive about, it affects the voices ability to cause you harm. They will use that guilt to attack you. So my only choice was to avoid doing things that would give them that weapon.


Mine remind me that I’m not always in control of myself.


Mine did not. Mostly nonsense and sometimes making hateful comments. I dont think I am non-sensiable or hateful.

Sometimes there was music. I cant even play an instrument.

Hallucinatioms are what they are: broken chemicial/electrial connections between groups of brain cells.

Have not seen you around in a while. How have you doing? What are you upto?:grinning:


Mostly they point out that I don’t have a girlfriend and say that makes me gay or a pervert. Not useful.


they’re mostly just interfering asses


Now that I re-read my post, it’s kinda inaccurate, , I still do all sorts of ■■■■■■ up ■■■■, so maybe this angle is just nonsense. Just to get along with my family, I’m constantly apologizing for practically everything I say. I’m pretty used to groveling just to avoid too much static. I guess I just come across as some smug ■■■■■■■ most of the time. But it does change the way I act when I’m really hearing voices and freaking out. But that’s probably a delusion in itself. I hear alot of positive voices nowadays too. But listening to them just leads to being self-righteous and getting caught up delusions of grandeur. So whatever, in reality I’m just as confused most of the time as anyone else with the illness. Voices suck no matter what they say to you.

Mine give me insights into my fears and doubts. At times it’s unbearable but in other ways I’m thankful for it. I feel it helps me understand things better.

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None. My voices mumble.

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