What in the heck is wrong with me

So sometimes right after waking up if I try to move too fast or stand up too fast, I start getting that thing where your vision starts to go black. Except for some reason mine can get really intense and turn into me spasming, blacking out and hitting the ground almost like a seizure. That’s what happened this morning. I went downstairs and first everything became very bright like there were bright patterns everywhere. My mom asked me why I was closing my eyes but it was because of the brightness. Then I began blacking out and I started spasming until I sat down. This is probably the first time my parents witnessed this and they were like wtf. So then I was overcome with a wave of nausea so I moved toward the bathroom only to start spasming again and I had to actually lie down on the ground.

Then the nausea went away and I began to feel well again so I got up and went to go get lunch. I was carrying it back to the table and all of a sudden I blacked out. I heard something hit the ground but was not aware I had dropped anything and could not see. Then I was on the floor, covered in tomato sauce, which was also everywhere because I had dropped the bowl. My dad helped me up and then cleaned me off with a rag. My parents had me sit down after that while they brought me food. I was just completely baffled. I have had this phenomenon happen to me many times before but that was the worst it’s ever been. Can anyone explain to me what the heck is going on??

I’d speak to a doctor urgently. It could be meds, it could be physical.

I don’t think it’s meds considering I’ve experienced this my whole life practically…but you’re right I should talk to a doctor. I don’t know why I never have.

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I’d talk to one as soon as possible. Especially as it’s getting worse.