What if what if what if

What if no one on earth actually exists and I just have schizophrenia

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Then you can boost Mustangs and roar around deserted city centres like Will Smith in that movie. Just watch out for Zombies!!!


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I’ve dreamed my whole life of being a hallucination. Thanks for making my wish come through.

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What if you don’t exist and are just someone else’s hallucination…


Lol I made a joke about this website being in my mind and you all are just figments of my imagination to cope with the fact I’m actually in a padded cell…and I’m constantly in a hallucination so I just think I’m at home with my family…talking with real people online…

I have the longest standing thought if I am really in a hospital in a nice cell of my my own and the the outside world and the planet are all in my head everything.

The real world is in the hospital I get little bits of that like I know my main doc has blondle hair and when the walls of this “world” come back up and damn like seeing into two worlds for a few seconds.

Question is I not sure wich one if them I be happier in this one is turning darker by te day or the other one where I am safe keeped

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