What if voices go away?

I’m seeing a psychologist. She hasn’t given me a diagnoses yet, but she said her initial thoughts so far was that I have schizoaffective, but she made it clear this was not a diagnoses yet. I see her next week, and so started doing some research because in the past if I ignore the voices they’ve always gone away. I’m no PsyD, but my understanding is that I must have delusions / hallucinations to have sza, assuming I don’t have disorganized speech. So if the voices go away and I can stop believing in the delusions, then is it true I won’t have sza diagnoses?

Thanks for any help.

You only have voices and delusions?

I don’t know. What else do I need to have sza? I don’t have disorganized speech.

You don’t need to have disorganized speech.
You may have negative symptoms, voices, especially running commentary, according to DSM 4, delusions, especially bizarre ones, etc

Ok. I’ll have to look into running commentary. Would that be voices?

It may be obsolete, it’s according to an old version of DSM. What are your symptoms now?

I hear occasional voices but it’s my fault because I started asking them questions, again. Stupid me! I do that every so often out of curiosity. I’ve always wanted to know more about them, but not if it means being diagnosed with sza. Also I have weird beliefs about the nature of reality. I think maybe I’m just too curious. I just want to be normal, now.

My main concern is social anxiety & depression but my psychologist is concerned about the voices & delusions. I hear a few voices per day, but in the past if I ignore them then after a few months they go away. Maybe it sounds strange. I don’t understand it.

You can’t create voices. It happens on its own.
Don’t feel guilty.

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Thanks. Hopefully they’ll go away, again.

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Do they cause stress?

Yes. They triggered me a few days that caused stress but I think it’s my fault because I asked them a question.

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It’s not your fault.

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They might just not answer and better not.

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