What If This Happens? The Last Poster Standing!

…what if we all succumb to this virus, and the last poster on this site is @77nick77

He’d be posting like…

Hey folks! I’m a Janitor! That’s right…my job is sweeping the nation!

(rim shot)

Why did Covid 19 cross the road? It sneezed on the chicken!

(rim shot)

Er…hello…testing, testing, is this mic on??


Yawwwnnn. Chicken and janitor jokes. So cliché. I’m so blasé. Hey, hey.

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Or what if @chordy is the last standing poster on this forum?

She’d probably be posting a Header something like…

" I forgot my ass in an elevator" :joy:

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@anon39054230 You can convert that into a COVID-19 themed joke…

Why did @chordy forget her ass in the elevator?

Because she was preoccupied with sanitizing the elevator buttons.

(ba dum tss…)


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