What If There Were a Drug That Cured Schizophrenia?

Would I take a pill that would essentially rewire my brain again… one pill and :bomb: :boom:

All symptoms gone… that would be a huge change in the brain.

I’d be tempted… but I’m not an early adaptor… I’d most likely take it eventually.

If there were a series of pills or shots that changed the brain slowly so I could catch up to the brain changes… I’d do that.

As far as it being mandatory… no… I don’t think it should be mandatory.

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i tried being normal once i didn’t like it


Not 100 percent satisfied until Buzaki and others offer a therapy that fixes the Dysrhythmias and Oscillopathies within me, setting me up with a new neuronal “code”(?).

I have to read Buzaki’s (and others) work over and over again to become familiar with their findings and research. I understand enough to know they will make breakthroughs at some time.

hell yeah I’d take it! I would pay for it too and probably give my left testicle - I hope i don’t have to. I don’t think that they would develop this drug cause they make a killin now off the medicine we take. Why would they change it to sell a drug one time when they can make a drug that u depend on and make a whole lot of money off of it multiple times.

i found mine, its individual to each person, there is no one cure for everyone, its because each persons dna is different :slight_smile: x

I think there is a drug out there…it’s called:


I don’t even need a cure.

Advance treatment for negative symptoms and reduce most of the drug side effects and most of us will be fine.

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