What If There Were a Drug That Cured Schizophrenia?

There are a couple drugs that came out recently that cure many people’s Hepatitis C, but are very expensive.

Say “Big Pharma” developed a drug regimen or therapy that would cure schizophrenia.

  • Would you take it?
  • What would you pay for it?
  • Do you think it should be “free” for everyone?, and if so who should pay for this.
  • Should people be forced to take it? And do you think society would try to do this?

I think after you have schizophrenia for a couple years that the damage is done. They may invent a pill that stops current symptoms. But I think a few months of psychosis causes damage to our brains or pysche or ego that is irreversible.


I don’t think any particular drug could cure this. They like to say it’s a chemical imbalance so that there might be hope and therefor comfort. Really it’s a defect or activation of different nueral pathways which are pretty self sustaining. It’s a mess in the brain I’m sure. Even if brains could be reworded it’d be a highly technical process and different for each person. I don’t think it’ll ever be a pill. Although the mess are meant to make it manageable and they do work in that regard. Prevents you from thinking to much prevents degeneration.

Really time and proper thinking are the best bet. Nueroplastically unravel the mess.

I’d add disbelief to that. It’s a challenge with persistent hallucinations.

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i would be first in line…if it meant ’ curing ’ myself.
but big pharma know as much about the mind/brain as they do about the universes.
my brother works for those companies,…trust me even if they had a cure, they won’t tell you.
they make too much money from illness.
take care :alien:


I’d take it, if it was something I could afford. I think insurance companies should pay for it though. However if their were such a drug the pharmaceutical companies knows how to work the system though so they would get the most for the drug they possibly could. Hell…I think it was insurance companies that pushed Obama to go for his “ObamaCare” crap that is pretty much worthless. I have not heard one person say ObamaCare has helped them. My mom tried to sign up for it and after a month of fighting on the phone with people she eventually got told that she wasn’t eligible for it. I think the same would be if they came up with a cure for Schizophrenia. Whether they make a cure to prevent it for people who are at high risk for developing it, or it’s a cure for people who already suffer from it…the people who need it the most wouldn’t get it because all the bureaucratic red tape in the health-care field.

Yes, I would take it.

I would pay tens of thousands of dollars for it.

My preference would be that it was free. The man who cured polio gave it away for free.

I don’t think people should be forced to take it, but minors might be forced by their parents to take it.

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I would go off my meds, meditate in psychosis for forty days under a red Japanese maple with my dog and then take the miracle pill. I’m just ■■■■■■ up like that. I might want to crush up and snort the miracle pill just to keep it gangster. Jk I’m not a gangster. I would probably take the miracle pill right this moment because ■■■■■■■ insomnia. I just want two xannies and two beers and a cigarette…or five. But I can’t have it.

My brain craves that ■■■■ because it is diseased. I’m a little pissed because my nose is broken and my head hurts. I guess brain damage would be icing on this cake made of the nastiest ■■■■ in the whole landfill.

People should all be forced to take the miracle pill for ten bucks.

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You are right. The drug companies, doctors, and insurance companies are to financially invested in this “:disease” to cure it. This is true for way too many “diseases” in the US and perhaps the “western world.” It is very dangerous and is actually making the population suffer and killing it. It is against the Hippocratic oath. All we really have left is the very one thing we have probably ceased to trust. We must know that we are tired of being sick and no longer desire to be sick. We must work very hard to change our thoughts and reject our harmful thought patterns. We must be vigilant every moment, every day and night. Teddy Roosevelt was able to overcome asthma “through sheer will and determination.” So, I know in my heart and mind; it can be accomplished. I feel if we don’t do this, we will sucoumb our minds and bodies to those selfish, greedy people who could care less about us. It may be difficult, but, we must cultivate caring for ourselves. Our health and lives depend on it. Take care, my dear friends.

I would do everything in my power to be able to take this medication, were there such a thing.

Good questions. If there was such a drug I would say “Gimme that!”

I would take it. Maybe. Depends on the side effects.

I think it should be free for all. But if I have understood the system in Sweden correct it would be given to those still able to work. Make workable people healthy and we pay it back in taxes. We pay about 30% of our income in taxes.

I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and my meds cost 1000 € / year. They are hesitant to give my parents the same med. They still have some years before pension but maybe it’s because they believe they won’t get the money back?

as long as i can smoke pot again i will do what it takes

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As it was discussed in the presentation of the Broad institute, schizophrenia is caused by the mix of various genes that may cause other illnesses too, I believe that there will never be a drug for curing schizophrenia, but the treatment must be started in the gene level early in a young person’s life. I am actually happy that there are rich private people who are donating hundreds of millions for researching this illness of ours in the molecular and gene level. However I believe that a person who has these sz genes can be helped by minimizing stress in the person’s life. What causes sz is genes and any stress in a person’s life, the fact I have known since my childhood. There should be more people like Ted Stanley investing hundreds of millions in this sz research.

If it truly was permanent in cure I’d pay 100k

People in society would definitely try it. I’m looking into CBD to repair damage, although so far I am completely recovered. If by cure it meant I could stop taking medication every day, then I would be all for it. Depending on how it affects my health physically and emotionally.

The idea of a cure is a wonderful concept! I haven’t had symptoms frequently enough or at all to be considered psychotic symptoms anymore. And Abilify is all I have been taking for the past ten or so years. I tried other medications which only worsened my symptoms or just flat knocked me out without really addressing the stress. Cutting out alcohol can also be beneficial.

You’d have to address multiple factors to cure schizophrenia. If it is caused by a genetic mutation, then you’d want to be able to fix the bad aspects without damaging the person’s integrity and abilities. Abilify is great because it has no side effects and doesn’t impair my ability to rationalize but people are still rude and tell me not to take medication and insert their opinions. It happens to me all the time though, people say I’ve been fooled or brainwashed and that its all about money.

That’s not true, schizophrenia and bipolar are real conditions that are treatable. If there was a cure I would research it and be all for it, as long as its FDA approved. I wouldn’t trust a new medication or cure if it wasn’t. If this CBD cures my symptoms that’d be great too.

It might be a long wait for Jesus to come back, but he may be the only one who can ever cure us.

I usually don’t like to answer Hypotheticals, but yes I would take it, depending on what the side effects were.
I would be willing to pay a lot for it, but I am sure that insurance would take care of some of the cost

Really? Well… that would give one a silly thought of possible wanting to assasinate the heads of all of these ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ firstly declares eveyone with sz a liability and a burden to all, while making stuff worse by requesting us to buy expensive ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ that don’t ever do any good, all the while hiding a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ cure for this ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.


Lol. “They” blanked out the last word I wrote which was F cuk. Not F uck. LOLOL!

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Lol, a cure must not contain side-effects-for if it does-then it’s no cure.

Would you take it?


What would you pay for it?

I need money to live, so I can’t say everything I have.

Do you think it should be “free” for everyone?, and if so who should pay for this.

Yes. Taxpayers should pay. But that won’t happen.

Should people be forced to take it? And do you think society would try to do this?

Yes, if it was a cure, people should be forced to take it. No, I don’t think society would try to do this.

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