What if the ad disappears?

I’ll gladly take your money if you “don’t know what to do with it”. Give it to me! PM me for my address.

Lol! I would love to share it, but it has to be earned

I’ve never seen an ad while on this site. Are you sure there’s ads?

Theres ads for sarcosine

Why aren’t you treating yourself to stuff? You work hard for it, why can’t you buy some nice clothes or nice shoes or order something from Doordash. If you need ideas on what to spend it on I have a million ideas for you.

I was kind of in the same position this past year and a half until just literally this month. I had at least $2000 in my checking account for this past year and a half. My sisters suggested I go to a concert or a play or something.

I chose just to spend it in little increments buying a Coke here and there or going out to eat or just buying necessities without worrying about the cost. I had no problem spending it. But I know how fast money can disappear.

Things always come up from car insurance premiums to needing new shoes to car registration. It seems if you’re not a millionaire you’re not really financially secure. So yeah, buy some little luxuries and save the rest for a rainy day.

For me, I needed dental work which took a big bite out of my checking account. Might take me a few months to get the balance back up there.


It scares me that one day, for an extended period I may not be up to working.

Sometimes it’s like walking a tight rope, and my mode has been stuck on preservation all this time

Apart from buying a new computer and some furniture, I have been living pretty much like I did when I was on minimum wage

I just don’t really go anywhere.

My monthly expenses are around £1,300 all in, and anything else just goes into my account and I don’t touch it

I was close to buying a car yesterday, but I back tracked as I don’t want to spend the money… Have a van to drive, and it keeps cost of living down not getting it

Sometimes it does feel pointless doing all this work and not spending much, but I don’t want to over-extend myself like many people do and get into debt

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Mate, you’re in a position that many people in the world would be better off to be in. I’m not talking about your money saved, but your control over impulse buying and spending. Think of the long game and how comfortable you can be when you’re in your older age. Granted, I think its also wise to not shortchange yourself and deny yourself necessities or things you want.

I am trying to learn that it is better to have a goal when buying things. What I mean is, decided what product I want, usually a pocket knife, and work towards being able to buy it by saving on other things. This makes it so that you get something you really want and don’t spend on things you don’t need or want. I am working on not buying something immediately when I see it, because I have horrible impulse habits. I’m trying to eliminate the phrase “this cash is burning a hole in my pocket.” I’ve wasted so much money impulsively buying things that have served my needs and desires by a factor of zero.

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As for the topic of the thread, I don’t think ads are going anywhere. Too much money is being invested in getting people to consume, but I do think that we can do good with advertisement. Its just as easy to send a positive message as it is to send one convincing people to consume. The harder part is getting people to invest in those positive messages.

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I have a difficult time letting go off my money too. I have a significant amount from back disability payments but figure, one day my parents will be dead and I’m probably gonna need that money to survive. Especially if I’m still on disability and not working. The monthly disability check is not that much to live on. I’m a saver and not a spender as well. Plus I have no desire to buy a bunch of useless crap that I don’t really need. Nothing wrong with saving for the future.


When I was a teenager I was terrible with my money

Now I have a spreadsheet that calculates everything I am spending and saving.

I work and have the money for the next months expenses in my account, and anything else gets put into government bonds.

Will have to do something with it someday, but I am 34 and have no pension - but I hear people with SZ die 20 years younger, and I am a heavy smoker. Not sure I’ll make retirement, but who knows!

I am pretty self-sufficient these days. Don’t want anything really. Sometimes I look on eBay and Amazon, but never can find anything I actually want or need

My only spend really is on tools for work, but that’s all set off against my tax anyways

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Ads do not interest me enough to try a different product. Possibly ads about movies or shows interest me.

I’ve invested a good chunk of mine in the stock market using the Stash ap. Might be something to look into if you just have it sitting around in the bank. As long as you are comfortable with a little risk.

Well, as @rocket_man said, as long as you’re buying what you need and living comfortably then maybe stashing all your money in the bank is smart. I read a few places that a person should have enough money saved to pay rent and expenses for at least 7 or 8 months just in case their income stops. Most of us don’t have that kind of money.

I see you walking the tight rope of wanting to save your money but art the same time feeling tempted to buy a car. All I can say is think it through and don’t make an impulse buy because you see a shiny, new, good looking car with a nice paint job, a nice interior and can go 0mph-60mph in 5 seconds. It’s so tempting, I know. I think you were smart not to buy that BMW. That was quite a luxury. It just seems you have to find some kind of middle ground between being a penny pincher and not buying anything- and spending all your money on one big ticket item.

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At the moment on government bonds I win about £25 a month on the lottery they do that has zero risk. Not much but miles better than bank saving interest rates are at the moment


I agree. I think it’s a different matter when it’s a communication campaing, like a charity or a government campaign against tobacco.
I wanted to say : a pure advertising for products/objets.
Maybe authorities should better communicate on global warming.