What if the ad disappears?

I do not want to disturb the forum even if this topic can be controversial.

I heard an interview with an intellectual who said that to fight against global warming, one day or another we will have to put an end to advertising. (which prompts us to consume.)
I myself consume like anyone else. I am not an ascetic.

I’m starting this discussion because advertising seems so OMNIPRESENT in our lives.



Stopping advertising would do nothing. Maybe 35 years ago before the internet was mainstream. But now anything you could want is just a few clicks away.


Even if it would do something, I don’t see advertising stopping.


Ads in moderation are useful. You learn about new products.

I wanted to say that the advertising stops completely. Not just on the internet.

I undestand what you say, but I was talking about global warming.

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I don’t have a clear opinion on the question even if you can imagine that I care a lot about global warming.
(I pull out this topic of a hat but these words marked me.)

Much less so now with streaming media services that are ad free. I like it.


Yeah I understand. @pixel
Maybe my topic is a bit too much politic but I mean, when you go to the supermarket, you buy a product cause you heard about it.

I just want to compare the products we buy with the consequences that have on the environment.
Once again, I am not an ascetic, but this proposal to stop advertising gives responsibilities to polluting companies.

My English (with the help of the translator) is not necessarily excellent. I don’t translate everything well either.

I tend to buy stuff I research online. Ads have very little effect on me now. Except in cases where the ad annoys me to the point where I stop buying a product (Gillette).

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Thanks for you answer.

I think ads are coming to video streaming services. It’s almost inevitable. Then it’ll be just like TV, in a bastardized form. I feel ya, @Follement, advertising is everywhere, it’s intrusive, and abhorrent. Even this website has ads (which I don’t see because of AdBlocker), but many websites, especially news, are ad-blocker-free only. I don’t watch TV, and I hate hate hate with every fibre of my being, those video ads that you have to block one by one, that autoplay. They’ve managed to bypass Firefox’s autoplay blocker. It’s a war of back and forth. Seems ads always win. Harumph.

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There will be ad free tiers and I will pay for the ones I want. They’re not getting that toothpaste back in the tube.

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That’s the thing with avoiding ads - pay, pay, pay. Pay for the privilege of watching what you want without BS interspersed within. I’d like to thump the guy who permitted ads on TV back in the day.

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Of course you have to pay. They can’t make TV shows and movies for free. If there are no ads to pay the bills then subscribers have to pay directly.

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And I’m not about to. I’m too old and grumpy and tech savvy to have to deal with it without circumventing it. I figure I’m an outlier on that one, but at least the average person won’t be able to figure it out. I have enough TV and movies already in digital format that I can sustain years of TV-watching without repeating. Screw these advertisers, screw these companies that keep hiking their rate, and you know what?..screw everybody now that I think of it.


I think advertising is too entrenched in society to be gotten rid of. I think most people find some ads annoying but don’t really care about a campaign to stop it. It would take quite an advertising campaign to get rid of it.

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I am a sucker for Facebook advertising

It’s invasive, and spies on you

There are countless things I have seen on there that later I have purchased

Now I try not to be so impulsive, but I still buy a lot of stuff

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I don’t care much for the money I have now

It accumulates because I don’t really go out and spend it, and I earn well with Landscaping

I literally don’t know what to do with it all

Now I am trying to work less hours and earn more when I do work


I love your attitude. I wish everybody felt like you and was serious about it.