What if someone read my thoughts

If someone read my intrusive thoughts what would they think about me? Sometimes this thought reoccurs in my mind. I always think that they would be upset or offended by them. Hope no one can read my thoughts though. But thoughts are just thoughts and they should not be taken so seriously unless they come in the way of living.

There is no way to read thoughts. A lot of people would be judged for what they think, including me.

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They’d think you have mental illness. At worst they’d think your crazy.

You seem sane enough. Working a job and whatnot.

I’m sorry you have sz.

These hive minded â– â– â– â– â–  are just as crazy as anyone else.

no one can read your thoughts…i am 48 now…no one has read my thoughts in all those years !?!
it is a delusion…you are safe. :heart:
take care :alien:

=Very= important to remember. (They’re just the inventions of a our emotional minds.)


They say men think about sex 7 times every minute…shite…

If people could read my thoughts they’d be A. Disgusted. B. Worried. C. Running away at the very first opportunity!

Honestly. Schizophrenia is often about what you are thinking…not about what others are!

I think there’s a good answer there! Meanwhile…You don’t want to enter my mind!

The Rogueone.


I know it’s hard not to feel exposed and it’s hard not to worry…

I wish I had a way to let you know that what’s in your head is safe from others.

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