What if schizophrenia was curable

what would be the first thing you would do?

I would go out, walk to a park, take a new look at the world, and come back and read a book.

be pissed cuz there’d be a lot less i could complain about anymore


Close my eyes and enjoy the sweet silence.


I would try and get cured. After that I would do what I try to do everyday but without having to worry about the voices.

Sounds like something I used to love to do before I got sick. I admire the simplicity

I long for the days before I got sick where I didn’t carry so much godawful stress. I miss being able to relax.

Well I hope you keep up the good work, I guess I’m in the same boat more or less. Takes courage

It’s been 15 years for me to the day that I got diagnosed. I can still remember when I was just an anxious and depressed kid, but yea life was a lot simpler then.

I would enjoy a ‘normal’ life free of delusions and paranoia. I was really paranoid today. I always am, everyday but it was worse today. It would be nice if the depression was curable too cuz I could live without that as well

Probably go to work. Same thing I do anyhow, but with fewer distractions.

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Take over the world of course


Buy some chocolate and biscuits to celebrate. Watch a little TV and then go to bed.

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Line up a tour of gigs perhaps


What I did when I took Latuda and it initially worked. Feel wonderful and enjoy the silence. I’ll skip the rest because that was the first thing I did. It’s a shame it didn’t last in a way but I discovered in the longer scenario that when you’ve been psychotic for 22 years and suddenly break out of it for a while it’s one heck of an adjustment that I couldn’t handle.

I hear ya… I’m adjusting to leaving a med for new ones after 17 years… Its a challenge

I would walk the dog everyday, find different employment, lose weight and socialize more. Maybe go to college.

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Get off my meds and watch my body deflate like a popped balloon



I’d definitely thank, not to mention congratulate unreservedly, whoever made a cure possible. They’d be given the International Noble Prize for Medicine.

For a couple of months I’d what’s up my friends, enjoying every minute of my new found health; many of the wonderful but simpler pleasures in life would be experienced that bit more intensely until I had adjusted back to them again. After that, I would build a new home to settle into when I had got my bearings. Plus, catch up with all the concert performances that had gone by.

Start the treatment that would cure me. Currently there is no treatment that would cure me, otherwise I would certainly pursue it.