What If schizophrenia was as semply as

whether your belly button was a iny or outy . and how the Dr tyed the knot in it?

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Most people I know are an inie. So would a SZ/A be an outie? I am actually an inie; how does this affect my SZA? So many questions.

birth stress, and stuff in the abilical cord.

I’m a Inie…3/4 deep

I can probably fit 3/4 of the top portion of my pinkie finger in my belly button. Not gonna do it though because that’s nasty.

Looking at sz the way I view the human mind. Across the distance it travels in time. Stretched out. Much like Vonnegut described. We look like centipedes. We weave around and cross through each other. One collective mashup of human being. All pathways entertwined for the most part.

Single out a single centipede and zoom in on their brain and you can see the 4th dimensional comstruct that is your schizophrenia. All of its manifestations and its origins. How it plays off your thoughts and shapes your actions. The audio of it. Even just the shape of its neural pathways firing again and again. It’s a god damned parasitic counter conscious that should be ignored at all cost.

The subconscious tripping on unreality, using your fears to sucker you into believing in it so that it might grow.

Hallucinations should be ignored at all costs. It’s the only way to kill the beast.

For some psychosis is just a small portion of their 4th dimensional self. Others are born with it. However many more succumb to madnesa right at the ends of their life. Either by dimentia, or altheimers, or total fugue.

Our brains are robust, but they do have limits and they should cared for properly.