What if physical illlness was treated like mental illness

Some people just don’t get it when it comes to mental illness.


LOL …that’s cool …I liked the idea of this…exactly what happens in my life, you can be better if you want to, suck it up, get up in the morning with a smile, don’t stress out…it’s not something easy that you can do !

that is funny , i might try that on some people !
take care

Thanks for sharing @firemonkey. This is exactly what I’ve encountered when really mentally ill.
“Catch yourself on, get a grip, pull yourself together!”

I’ve been very lucky in that my parents are both teachers and went immediately for education and therapy and meds and all sorts of stuff early. They read books, they got outside help, they never pretended this didn’t exist, and even they would once in a while fall into this. “Please? Can’t you even try?” I was just too far in my head and out of my head to figure out what they were asking.

It’s funny to me now but I remember when my kid sis was 5, she watched some movie about a witch doctor breaking a voodoo curse and saving a zombie/catatonic guy and then the witch doctor and the guy took revenge on the village.

So she got a rattle, salt with blue food coloring and chicken bones tied up in string and she came into my room, shook her rattle, threw the salt around and swung this nasty chicken bone thing around. I was so annoyed by this I had to go outside and get way from the racket. Which she took as the breaking of the voodoo curse. I also remember Mom and Dad trying to get her to stop going through the garbage looking for chicken bones.

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It’s horrible treating ANY illness like that. We cannot help it that we are mentally ill and no one can help it if they are physically ill. That people think anyone can help that pisses me off.

HA!!! So true…

Lol…got to Love it!