What if nothing was wrong?

What would you be doing in that world?

Something in politics so I could manipulate the situations happening in our country and around the world for the better.

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I recollect this movie " The Invention of Lying".

We lie to win. It is cheating.

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In the movie they show,
every one in the world speak only the truth,
so when you said nothing was wrong,
I recollected a world where no one lies,
then this movie popped up in my mind.
But hey, not all lie leads to win, it leads to losing as well.

Sometimes I think my voices are incapable of telling the truth.

I feel the senses we receive from our surrounding,

goes directly into the brain,

more than filtering it with our consciousness,

due to which its like a dream,

Whatever comes in our way we dream of it.

Since our understanding is,

if we become successful, people would try to steal

and if we don’t speak the truth, people would hurt,

and if we don’t do any stuff, we are meant to be punished.

These are build in subconscious mind,

Hence every one’s outcome of the condition seems to be the same. IMO

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