What if it's not voices?

What if I’m not really hearing internal voices? What if it’s really just my own thoughts that I have trouble accepting?

What if they’re just my own whims and impulses, and I’m more screwed up than I thought?

I’m not questioning my diagnosis at all, but I sometimes wonder if I’m making too much a fuss about something that might just be my imagination running wild?

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I do this to myself all the time. I think I just have an overactive imagination and I’m not really sick and I’m just making this up. I feel really bad about it sometimes.

But then there are times I have no doubt that it’s way more serious than just imagination.

I don’t know how to fix it but I can definitely relate to what you’re saying.


Could it be you might be thinking you are “psychin’- yourself-out” , as the term goes, because maybe you are doing a bit better today than last week? Do you feel better or have lighter symptoms?

If the voices are saying odd things that are waaaay out there, dont worry. Those are not always our real thoughts. The voices, will sometimes or often, twist the original thought before we hear it.

Example: Standing in kitchen cutting up an apple. I want to be careful of the knife blade. Being careful of a sharp object is a thought so very basic, we are not aware we even had that quick little thought flitter by.

So, the part of our brain that turns thoughts to voices, if its not quite firing right, what might we hear?

“You should stab yourself in the hand. Better just turn around and plunge that right into his arm. Now, that would be funny!”

They say dumb awful things like the above all the time for many people. It wont be long before you’ll find yourself trying to refrain from making this face, when around other people. (because they:expressionless::open_mouth: dont know why your making this face)

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HMMM try talking to yourself out loud, no really if they are your thoughts they will come out your mouth. Try writing them down also. We are all capable of thinking atrocious things, thoughts we don’t want to accept that we can have but so long as we act only on the ones that do not cause harm, we should accept ourselves completely. There cannot be light with no darkness by which to measure it. Just my thoughts

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