What if it is real?

I think about this allot, I see lots of beliefs in this place that i also struggle with. The feeling that celebrities talk to us, the idea I found in a book, that it is occult paradigms created to market their talents. Telepathic communication is just the souls talking to yours, visions are just your mind interacting with the spiritual domain and the psychologist is after your money. Oh and witchcraft is real…antipsychotic meds is electric shock treatment in pill form, zombie later.

What do think, straight jacket…where did it all start. Black dot movement.

I don’t think too much about it being real. Most of the time I am aware that I have a mental illness and that is why I imagine things, have delusions and auditory hallucinations. I don’t know if I believe too much in the paranormal. However, I do think there are many things science has not yet quite explained. I can’t really give any specific examples but I do think there are certain phenomena that happen sometimes with a very low percentage of probability. That sometimes a person in the world notices. I do believe in science more so than supernatural events. It’s just that I think there are very rare occurrences of events that truly do happen and are still unexplainable by science.

I guess one example is this… when I was a kid, I had two friends stay the night. In the middle of the night we all saw a shadow with red eyes approaching. It went up to a friend that was laying on the couch and seemingly started pummeling him. Then it turned around and vanished. We all saw it. Neither of those two friends has any mental illness.

I have another example… I was staying at a cousin’s house. We were three kids sleeping in the same bed. Suddenly our sheet started going upwards from the middle. We all turned to each other and asked if anyone was moving it. When we all shook our heads my two cousins started yelling in fear and then suddenly the blanket dropped down. My uncle came in and got angry at us for waking him up. I mean it is possible a draft may have came in through the window somehow and raised it but it didn’t look that way. It looked more like it just rose from the middle.