What if I'm not really sza and the things I'm afraid of will come true

My boyfriend doesn’t think I’m sza so that is why I’m worried.

Your boyfriend is not a doctor, not even a bad one.


He wants me to see another psychiatrist he talked to already.

So what’s your boyfriend’s explanation for your delusions?

He thinks it’s from taking too much adderall.

It just sucks I have to wait 9.5 more years in pain not knowing if they will kidnap me. And if they do kidnap me eternal pain in hell. Why am I not doing anything about this? Because I doubt it will happen too but there is still that what if.

To be honest from your posts your boyfriend doesn’t seem like a good influence. You’ve said some things that also make it seem like he struggles with delusions of his own.

I think your safest and best bet would be listening to your doctor. If you have doubts about your diagnosis, talk about it with them.


Illusions. Dreams. Reality. Delusions. Sickness. Health. Science. Professionals. And Degrees.

Schools, Education, Lower/Middle/Upper Class. Rooms. Buildings. And Endless Streets.

Ending At Dead Ends For The Technological Structures To Turn Around And Return.

The Beginning, Middle, And The End.

Like A Book. Like A Movie. Like A Song.

While The Birds Sing Songs In The Morning. Fed In Neighborhoods With Feeders.

In Cities With Bread In Parks Most Will Never See. Some See Though…, In Dreams.

What’s Under The Ocean. Under The Bottom of The Entire Universe?.

Layers & Layers Of Emotions. Like Endless Rainbows And Television Sets With Endless News.

Some Good. Some Bad. Some Indifferent. Some For You, Us, We, Them, And No One.

Mental Illness?. It Needs Witness In Helplessness For Beliefs. Although Is That Too Late?.

Loss Of Respect?. Too Weak To See Reality?. Our Division Of The Turmoil In Endless Isolation?.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel. . . . . . .

am I the only one who feels like you should at least Try to talk normal.

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Probably, Probably Not.

Could You Please Elaborate Your Complaint.

So. I Can Add It To The Endless List Of Negative Feedback From Your Possible Confusion.

Derailing The Thread (By) (The) (Way).

Sorry @flowers20, I Don’t Understand It Either. . . . . . .

I don’t much about you, cuz you never share,

but your comments seem like they’re hurting your head.

Two thoughts…

  1. I’d put 99.9% odds on you being SZ/SZa given the content of your posts. Non-mentally ill people don’t share the stuff you do or think the way you do. Doctor or no, some things are obvious.

  2. I’d also lay odds on your BF either being a complete moron or a manipulative freak with bad intent. Either way, I’d suggest you start looking for an exit before you get hurt.

Best wishes.


All I Do Is Share. You Seem Upset For No Actual Reason.

Sorry I Can’t Help You To Express Your Personal Disappointment About Your Life.

With Any Acceptance By Taking Your Negative Feedback Seriously.

Maybe You Could Use A Couple Hours Of Sleep. Or Some Coffee (???).

it’s okay to be different, but you relate to a post on some kind of higher plane than is necessary.
idk, never mind.

I Really Need, NEED, Need You To Explain Whatchoo Mean (By) Saying, “higher plane”.

Stop derailing the post


Keeps It Cools Thread Peeps. . . . . . .

Thanks for your help. This helps to reassure me. It’s just hard because I feel like I did things for attention so don’t know if my previous diagnoses were a fluke. Please help?!

I also feel like I am sza then but this North Korea thing could still happen in spite of this.