What if I'm making it all up?

took the words right out of my mouth. Bingo! Hit the nail on the head, thats exactly how i feel too. Each time I am well I have these doubts but if I stop my meds then the chaos returns and I regret going off meds. I am now staying on my meds bcuz i don’t want my hubby to see me unravel again and struggle to cope with me. Its not fair on him.

If he doesn’t take his epilepsy meds then his seizures get worse, i tell myself, would that be fair on me if he stopped his meds, that I would have to go thru seeing him have seizures where he bites his tongue wets his pants and passes out for 20 mins? so why should I let him see me talking to and crying and pleading with my voices, cutting myself, and pacing the floor and lying prostrate on the floor staring into space? It wouldn’t be fair.

I think having loved ones is a powerful motivating factor to take meds. Even if the doubts come, keep on them. Only under a pdoc can one try anything.

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i don’t think it is possible to fake this tbh

I always feel like I’ve made it up I don’t even think I’m sick anymore I don’t want to be on meds anymore either

Why would anyone make up symptoms that cause them to have to take antipsychotic medication? I don’t think you are shamming or malingering in any way.

I relate to feeling like I’m “making it up”, it’s something I constantly battle and wonder if it’s true.
Some times I feel like I have a Factitious Disorder because of the stress I feel from this.
But I think if you suffered and don’t intentionally have symptoms to gain attention or try to convince anyone you have a specific illness, then you’re definitely not faking it.
I think you’re not making it up, if that helps any!

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I have my doubts too especially when I am stable. I wonder if my voices are just thoughts. my psychiatrist says they are hallucinations. she knows better. when psychosis comes I have no doubts anymore.

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