What if I'm in a digital zoo (Inside computer), an attraction for aliens' kids?

What if they present me as a wild
animal, as something weird.
“Look, it’s a human being, and plus he is schizophrenic. Haha. Yes, laugh with all your heart”


Ya. Been there, done that. Felt like that for years now. Can’t function and gave up, really.

I know it’s real/true.

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I don’t think higher dimensions can totally see this dimension if there’s such things. Maybe a few can. But they’d have to implant themselves in the simulation to truly see it for themselves!

And if they did. F em. You’re only being you. Which they in turn must have programmed you to be. Not your fault. Funny thought though. You can rise above though. And take your free will back a bit a bit by not worrying about it so much. Or maybe you’re cool just hypothesizing. Either way good luck

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Communism is the best regime,
we don’t agree Johnny

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