What if i get stable once i am in my fourties?

Maybe some new wonder drugs or treatments will come along, you never know?

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I became dumb also Gina tbh… I really dont think well. Ive been like this for years. This too can be relieved? How? How we regain some greater thoughts? Its sad to be like this, the others judge me. They judge me too also that I am ugly…

John Forbes Nash, the Nobel prize winning mathematician, developed schizophrenia in his 30s, but naturally recovered in his 50s.

@Anna1 you’re not ugly.

Not hating some of those who were bad to you is a sign of increasing stability. I was actually sickest in my 40’s when I moved out of my Mother’s house and have reached a stable but unproductive life. My voices are almost gone but the negative symptoms as as real as ever. But I am at peace with the past for the most part.