What if I call a crisis line

What if I call a crisis, and I say I am suicidal?….but I’m not suicidal now. Would they put in a mental hospital.

Why would you want to lie and say you are suicidal when you are not? If you want to go to the hospital, just call for an ambulance.

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No, I am not planning to lie to a crisis person, about being suicidal.

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I don’t understand what you are saying then Jake. Are you saying that if you start to feel suicidal later and call a crisis line will they send you to the hospital?

Yes that is what I am saying.

There is a perverse logic in American psychiatric facilities that if you want to go to the hospital or hospice you are just shamming, and thus using up scarce resources. They expect you to make it through those tough nights without their help - probably alone.


I think that they are more likely to try to talk you down from those thoughts before getting outside authorities involved.

That being said, I have never called a crisis line myself so I don’t have any first hand experience.

This article says that only around 3% of calls require police intervention.

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