What if for, some of us, people really are out to get us

Do you know something that’s supposed to be a secret? Are you doing/working on something that might disrupt some secret agenda? If not, there’s no reason for anyone to take you out.

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Tell all these things to your psychiatrist they can help you solve


Whoever said, “Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies” caused me a lot of anxiety. I would try not to get carried away with that kind of thinking, though.

No but I’m worried others thought I was a terrorist so they want to punish me. But that doesn’t make sense to turn me into the dictator for punishing reasons.

That’s when I worry my boyfriend who I think is the devil set me up.

I never hurt the innocent or never thought I did so don’t know why I think this. If I did it I never knew I did. So now I don’t know if I actually hurt people.