What if for, some of us, people really are out to get us

What then? There’s so many of us. What if some of us have people actually out to get us? Like in my situation, my ex boyfriend was interviewed by the House of Representatives involving the Clinton e-mail fiasco. He was told he could have a lawyer present. It was over 20 pages transcript. What if this connects to me somehow?

How would it connect to you?

That never happened

Because it involved Russia and I heard voices relating to that. I also had a vision that my ex was taken to Israel to be killed. I’m worried that it was because of this transcript, over this scenario.

What do you mean it never happened? The transcript is online.

How old is your bf?

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He’s six months younger than me. I’m 30 and he just turned 30 as well.

Why was he interviewed?

I don’t see the connection between the Clinton e-mail thing and your ex being taken to Israel to be killed.

He was the assistant to a man who killed himself and he worked for him and this involved the Clinton e-mails and the hacking with that. They wanted to see if he acted as a go-between the Trump campaign and the Russian government regarding these e-mails.

You’re really deep in psychosis. You’re not a terrorist nor is your ex or your bf. They aren’t the devil either.

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I’m just writing what the transcripts said online. I’m also worried they killed my mom since it involved Russia. Replaced her with her clone. I had a vision of that too.

You kind of seem all over the place with paranoia. First it was N Korea, plastic surgery and cloning, now its Russia and Israel. I serously doubt that you and your boyfriend are important enough for all these countries to be out to get you. I don’t know how to help you other than to suggest stronger meds.


My ex boyfriend was pretty important. He worked for a man that was very rich and had connections all over the place. That’s why this was on CNN news. When he killed himself.

Oh, so its not the same boyfriend you think is the devil. I was getting confused.

Yes this is my ex. But what if these countries are out to get me because of my ex’s importance?

People don’t generally go after important peoples ex girlfriends/spouses. Look at Trump for example. Lots of people are out to get him but do you hear about anyone going after Melania? I’m sure your fine. You didn’t participate in anything as far as I can tell so I see no reason why these countries would be out to get you. I don’t know what else I can say to reassure you.

I think they secretly go after the spouse.

I guess I’m important! Something to feel good about maybe? If I take another perspective? Things are good now. I’m just scared of hell.

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I’m still freaked out by the transcript thing.