What I was just doing and my goals

I was just out with the flashlight looking around the boardwalk and places for rings and stuff. I found a piece of an engine which I think is from like the 1800’s… or even earlier I don’t know Ill have to look into it more but to the proper person perhaps on ebay its worth 300 dollars at least.

I am saving up about 25,000 dollars worth of product I find selling it for 6 or 7 to someone who wants to open a shop with it in Moncton NB… I’m moving there with a moving truck once I get everything then I’m buying a cheap cottage house and starting a moving company… I don’t know little info on what I’m up to hey man its kinda cool a lot of people with mental illness are good workers money makers I’m learning this more from the clubhouse in my city and this website. that’s a big relief… like I respect they call it a disability but I’m happy with my capabilities… dreams and goals I’m working on and such… I like excitement in my life like for instance I really enjoy the work I do… I study things and determine if there worth money… with the amount of hours I put in it comes to about 10 dollars an hour but you gotta understand a lot of things ive been accuring don’t sell or are for personal enjoyment… I’m not rich but I could accuire 25g’s worth of items in about 6-7 months. Its just all about finding an outlet for selling it… Like its not stolen stuff its all accuired through vigourous searching dealing collecting garbage and such… if I just keep collecting and collecting eventually Ill own maybe a small express van and Ill keep saving up the small exspensive stuff leave it in there and sell all the big stuff right away… I just gotta get more into the selling aspect of it… I know it takes vehicles paypal accounts etc… but like I said I only make about 200 cash a month… but If I had 100,000 in used property just sitting around… know what I mean like otter boxes leather day planners antiques hats sunglasses packed away in an express van… I could defeat getting evicted and loosing everything and anytime I want I can take the van wherever to sell it… use it for moving jobs and collecting… things like furniture. my biggest thing is having a proper vehicle for moving I have about 4 grand in furniture a 700 dollar computer a dishwasher… things Id like to keep ya know. Then I cant be extorted for everything I own based off the fact I was kicked out of my apartment and cant afford a proper move. and its more then that the amount of work that goes into a move I don’t want to but something tells me my next goal is buying an express van and keep collecting for the next 6 months… and if I get evicted and forced to maneuver a brand new 2000 dollar queen size bed out of my apartment because my rat ■■■■■■■ neighbour has to complain when she hears a bang… I TOOK A ■■■■■■■ WITHDRAWL SEIZURE

anyway folks just goes to show the work involved in keeping going and like I said we are more then capable of avoiding pot holes in life just as if we dealt with enough mentally and emotionally. I am just gonna pray that I keep on the right path and avoid those bad ones in life… no what I mean people… but we all deal and we know we were dealt a bad hand… hell it basically took me 8 years to come around… but I am a very optimistic person… not for anyone else… for myself its how Ive always survived. and keep it at that If you want advice. Survive… and DO IT WELL.