What i managed today. what about u?

i have done virtually nothing these past two days as i took seroquel to help me sleep and it takes half the day to wear off. so today i took maxim to school, picked him up did the food shop, put two loads of washing on and dried, loaded the dishwasher and unloaded and that’s it. i hate seroquel it makes me feel soooo lazy. i will only take it in emergencies but it does the job when muscle relaxants and benzos don’t work. not a productive day today. i even bought maxim ice cream and doritos for dinner as i couldn’t b arsed to cook and neither could he. ■■■■ mama today. :frowning:

Work. Did some dishes.

i was a long period on 1200 mg seroquel and it did absolutely nothing for me.
so i dont get how it did get you too sleep.

anyway didnt do anything worthy of mentioning too day, you at least did some important stuff.

That doesn’t sound so unproductive. I paid for a pizza that I didn’t pick up because I thought they were going to spit in it. Then I got stared down at the supermarket for looking paranoid. I came home and took my meds and I’m feeling more down to earth now, but a little hungry. The past few days have been rough for me too.

christ! 25mgs floors me! i was once on 600mgs and i couldnt stay awake half the time. it was awful. just goes to show ow the same meds have different effects on different people huh. xxx

Payday today So I went shopping. Dog food was on the top of the list, got a month worth. Than to Costco in the city. Lots of driving today Left the house before 9am got back home almost 6pm.

From the country Ridgerunner

sounds like a productive day ridge…well done u! xxx

The city bus I was on at 2:15 PM had a flat tire. The driver started yelling at everyone to get off at the college. I was starving and walked into the college cafeteria. A lady started sliding a big metal gate outside to close the cafeteria. Had to wait 40 minutes for another bus to come. :angry: :anguished:

yeah i think its because medication has go too trough the liver too be processed.
and i think mine is an bit off.

its the same that normal zyprexa pills have no effect on me.
yet the melt tablets do a bit of softening.

today i went food shopping at lidl and explored a route back to see if it was quicker it wasnt quicker it eally wasnt.

lol…blah blah blah 20 characters

I saw a sign that said Moving Sale. Quality Stuff. 1/2 Saturday. Didn’t understand the sign. I found the house but I guess the sale’s tomorrow, sometime.

The sis and I got out of Vancouver on time and managed to get two very big boxes of Old Dutch potato chips over the border.

I didn’t flip out at the border and now I guess we’re chip runners.

Now the sis is doing laundry and I’m trying to readjust to being back here. Lot’s of little things are off. But I’m keeping calm.


extended my walk to a half-hour

i made more chocolate mouse , i think i am a mouse addict !
i baked bread .
went into town and bought coffee and caramel slice.
pretty much all about food today.
take care

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so far i have washed a dog blanket, put a whites wash on, put a dry on, sorted dry washing, taken towels upstairs and put away, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and managed to get two halves of xanax into the cat…thank god for parmesan! i am absolutely filthy as haven’t had a shower for two days so that’s next on my list. my mum is helping sort my daughter’s room ready for decorating as we speak. its a big job as its a complete ■■■■ pit in there. still got t wash the other dog blanket as cocoa puked on it the other night, sweep and mop downstairs, put away the shopping, take the dogs to the woods and cook dinner and take out the rubbish. then i’m going to do some writing and relax! oh that after i’ve washed the school uniform…■■■■…forgot to put his shirts in the whites wash…bollox…more washing for me then! ho hum, the joys of being a parent lol


My days aren’t busy. This morning I went to the pharmacy to collect my meds for the month. Then I went to do some shopping for toiletries and to get some cold drinks, fruit juice and yogurt. This afternoon I’ve been on facebook and read through some threads on the forum. Later I’m gonna watch some tv.

I worked in a clinic for two full days. I get along with the people, but I’m making like one mistake each day. I think I can handle the work if I got a better briefing. It makes me think again what kind of job I could pursue.

I also walked with my friend in one of my favorite walking trail. So seldom to have a normal day like this.


Watched a movie on Netflix called Fruitvale Station. :train:

I am really happy for you. That sounds like a very good day. :thumbsup: