What I learnt today

For self compassion

Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and have a positive conversation with yourself. Hi five yourself, befriend yourself in the mirror.

It’s about literally building a positive relationship with yourself.

I learnt this on a course I’m on.

It’s a good idea.


I’ve been telling people on this site to do positive affirmations in the mirror for years.

It makes a big difference.


Meh… not for me. I’ve got better ways of losing my time.


Investing in yourself isn’t losing time.


Failing to see how this is an investment…

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You clearly aren’t into helping yourself,

So I see why you wouldn’t understand.


Positive affirmations don’t work for me either. They just feel like lies I’m telling myself. I use bridge statements instead.

Look up Bridge Statements Kati Morton on YouTube. It should be under a video called Why Do I Hate Myself or How to Stop Hating Yourself or something like that. It’s worth looking into if positive affirmations don’t work for you.


Yeah, you are right. I don’t understand how talking to yourself in the mirror helps.

Clearly you have a deep capability of understanding things and making seemingly random conexiins.

It’s a proven method.

Everyone I know that has actually tried and stuck with it knows the benefits.

If you don’t want to try,


But don’t come over here and poke holes at a very healthy practice.


Talking to yourself or things,
has an impact on them.

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If you say so…


I once went on a course. There was a lady who hugs and strokes herself too.

It’s about developing a positive relationship with self :slight_smile:


It’s not just me saying so.

It’s ■■■■■■■ science.

I’d post some links, but you have google too.


I do this and tell myself that I love myself. It really does help. So does affirmations. I should start doing those more. I used to every morning during meditation.


Yeah itnmust be some psychology stuff… great!

Sadly I don’t believe in quackery.

If you don’t believe in science,

There is no help for you.


If you dont believe in science,
what else is left for you to trust?

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You see… you´r assumptions are mind blowing!

You got me… I don´t believe in science since I don´t talk to myself on the mirror every morning!

I’m just saying if you don’t know what you’re talking about,

Don’t comment about it soooo much.

She’s saying it’s helping her and you’re basically saying we’re idiots for believing it works.

Not cool.

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I just posted my opinion once. You wen´t all mad, and I just responded to you.