What I learned

Heyo guys! Long time no see! I had to take a small break because I was away in Oregon, studying volcanoes and learning about geology. And wow, it’s been a weird trip but I’m back home now. So a little update!

  • During the trip, I met amazing people and Oh gosh, there was this attractive guy but he lives all the way in Maine and I have like 0% chance. He asked for a coffee date soon before he leaves so I’m excited about that!

  • I was still going through a depressive episode during the trip so I felt really silent and didn’t interact with many people but I still had amazing views.

Mount Hood!!

  • I also saw snow for the second time in my life (I live in Texas :rolling_eyes: )

Despite being silent the whole trip, I did learn a lot and experienced things I never got to see. I could either learn from this, or let it consume me and I choose to forgive myself.

Now question: How have Y’ALL been? :heart:


Your trip sounds awesome! I’m glad you got to engage in something that was both mind-expanding and fun for you. Congratulations on your date. I hope it goes well for you. :smiley:

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Happy to hear from you @Sunshine! You were missed! :slight_smile:

I’m alright, had a few rough days but I’m good, I’m strong, I can take it!! :smile:

Good luck with the dateee

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Thank you @CrayonCanal !! I really appreciate it :grinning:

I missed the community so much!
So glad to hear that you’re making it through. You ARE strong. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Awesome. You must be sure to tell us how your date went.

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Hey @Sunshine it’s good to hear from you. Beautiful pics of Mount Hood. :volcano: