What I learned about life from playing cards with my mother

She said, “Let’s just play a round, and you’ll catch on.”


I love children’s card games

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actually it was a grown adult game, can’t remember. I ended up telling her to never be a teacher.


i Love Yu-Gi-Oh!..children’s card games ya see.

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When I was on my most recent psychiatric hold I was the Uno champ. I played often against the therapist and she was visibly flustered that she couldn’t beat me. She was nice and sweet though.


“What I learned about poker from playing with my friends”: I’m a good cheater.
Used to have card games in high school and drink wine at a friends house. Me and one friend kind of collaborated by stacking the deck sometimes or holding aces in our laps while playing poker or dealing off the bottom of the deck. Man, that was fun.

You should have played “strip Uno”, lol.

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I should have. She was a pretty young Japanese lady.

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Thanks for your replies. I like Uno, my son love the kind where the cards shoot out.

I can’t remember what card game my mother was trying to teach, I just remember us laughing our heads off.

I never really into cards because dad’s side of the family, all the adults sat at the kitchen table playing, and I’d come up from the basement, and it was loud, and raucous and my grandmother would be calling my dad and S.O.B. big turn off for me.

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I’ve never been a big card player. When I was younger i used to play Spades with my friends. Also a game called Tonk, but i never was good at that one. One hospital I was in a couple times let the patients play cards. All the young people did it and asked me to join them. But i said i didn’t feel like it and kept to myself.

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I think you’d like Blink

3 piles in front of two players

also a draw pile where you can only hold 5 cards in your hand

you gotta go by the pattern of either, color, shape, or number to lay 'em down

my daughter cannot be beat at this game, and I used to challenge anybody who came over with her.

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