What I have found out

What I have found out so far with dating is that even though I’m schizophrenic there are people out there with issues and sometimes more issues then I have. I’m finding out more and more daily and I thought I was so different but I’m not minus the paranoia. There are people out there worse at communicating then me and I thought I was bad at it. These so called normal people have issues to.


Lol. I’ve always said that there’s a thin line between mental illness and normies in a relationship.

Here’s a poem I wrote about it ages ago


A lot of the people you see walking around in public and a lot of people who you run into during the day at their jobs, and you think they got everything going for them and you really think they got it together often it’s act. This is no big secret.

Many, many, many people are like my case manager; I can tell when I’m around him that he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing and he’s just winging it as he goes along.

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