What I Hate Is

I have become to hate so many things people live for, drinking, travel, camping lots of other things.

Do you think it is the illness or does age just make you lose interest in everything ?


Probably both. I’m in my 40s now and I’m losing interest in most forms of entertainment.


my sz has definitely made me hate traveling. I can’t sit still for long periods of time since my psychotic episodes, so sitting in a car for x hours is a miserable experience. Then, going somewhere new is always disorienting and scary. I don’t like to travel. I used to like to travel in my youth, but no more now since I avoid it at all costs.

Yes, illness makes us lose interest in many things, sometimes, all the things. :frowning:


when i was younger, i had a lot of interest in things. got older and lost a few interests. but my mi kinda holds me back a bit, as i over-think so much that i’m reluctant to explore new things

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I am 28 and do not watch TV at all. It is strange.
My mood/hobbies tend to fluctuate too.

Last week when I went dancing it was so much fun.

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Maybe a bit of both?
The older I get the less I want to travel, or even do the things I once liked.
Could be the political climate making me depressed as well.


I’m in my late 50’s and I’ve lost all interest in music, movies, shows, comedy, plays, T.V.,news and opera. I have no interest in listening to Spotify, Pandora or YouTube. I’m only interested in practicing my keyboard, reading my books and magazines and playing on my computer.

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