What i find depressing

right now im 20 years old. and whats depressing is im doing nothing with my life. all my friends, few that i have, are all in college about to finish their degrees and are working and doing well for themselves. and me i sit at home all day and do nothing. whats most depressing is when i see someone i havent seen in awhile and they as how are you? what are you doing with your life? i always say im doing well, which is almost always a lie. i hate that question, but the question what are you doing with your life always gets me. i reply nothing and the look on peoples faces when you tell them you arent doing something with your life is not the best. people look at me as a failure, it gives me mixed emotions, anger sadness and the sort. its hard living with a disorder and people dont understand because suffering and pain are subjective. so point is i wish people knew that being successful and happy are subjective as well and even know im not the happiest i try to get the most out of the life i have. sorry for the rant


Yes, it is depressing particularly due to the fact that we get schizophrenia when we are in our early adulthood or late teen.


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