What I did When I Was Young (Through Rose Colored Glasses)

(Do we always have to ■■■■■ about the bad things?)

  1. Played with my brothers growing up
  2. Played with other kids when I was still innocent- We argued over the silliest things
  3. Had a birthday party with my twin involving all the neighborhood kids,- (We kinda springed it on our parents and didn’t know they had to scramble fast to deal with the crowd.)
  4. Got served partially blackened raisin toast, melted cheese on ritz, and pringles potato chips for breakfast by my grandfather who filled in for my Grandmother who had rheumatoid arthritis, (it was the best)
  5. Our Grandparents also had hershey bars, oatmeal cookies, and sometimes ice cream with pralines and chocolate sauce (my Mom also made a version of the pralines and chocolate sauce made out of scratch,) On one special day we celebrated their 50th anniversary with some of it.)
  6. Life was harder when Mom remarried as I was forced to mow a lot of lawns. But sometimes I had fun. One time I used the money I earned to walk into the nearby movie theater to watch “Return of the Jedi”.
  7. Listening to baseball games on the radio at night.
  8. Watching storms roll in and out.
  9. collecting lightning bugs
  10. Learning how to cook scrambled eggs, french fried potatoes, and hamburgers for the first time. Liking a pizza for the first time.
  11. Catching my first fish. My Dad acted like he was going to cook it but it really was too tiny to eat.
  12. Climbing Kennesaw Mountain in February, playing video games at Dave’s and Buster’s, watching the Hawks play the Bulls when the Bulls had Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman, and eating cheese fries during my first vacation in Atlanta.
    (there is a longer list in my memory. The last one was one of more than you might imagine after the diagnosis. The others were childhood memories. My life wasn’t all terrible and there were good moments. There are things that couldn’t be that some take for granted but I will not dwell on that right now. I’ll save it for another time.)

I had a good childhood. I remember severe ocd on the playground in year 1 but I had friends and my family life was rich in love if a little short of money.

I too would say it was a good time.

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I had an OK childhood. I did a lot of fun things. My biggest mistake was having long hair. Up until 9th grade I always had the longest hair in school. I had let it grow when my family moved from Los Angeles to the Bay area. I thought it was cool and so did some of my friends and I remember when I was friends with the coolest kid in sixth grade and he was jealous of me because his parents wouldn’t let him have long hair. I really didn’t think about it at the time but about ten years ago I really started thinking about it and I realized that with my black plastic glasses and the hair and the fact that I was really shy and not that good looking I think my appearance must have screwed me up and affected me badly in ways I am not aware of.

Oh well. Anyways, me and my friends used to get up at 6:00 am and go fishing, we rode our bikes everywhere, we played a lot of football and baseball. Every time July 4th came around there were always some kids selling packs of firecrackers for 50 cents a pack and we always bought them and went around blowing things up like tin cans, frogs (sorry), and bottles.

I just remembered, down the railroad tracks behind our apartment there was a creek and if you climbed down a little concrete wall to the bottom there was a cement pipe that you could enter and we were short and we could stand up in it and the creek ran through it and it went underground and one end started near our apartment and if you went about a half mile in it underground it came out the other end at our elementary school. We used to go in it all the time just for the fun of it. It was pretty cool when you’re a kid. We even tried riding our bikes in it but there was glass and it gave us flat tires.

IDK. Hunting birds with a BB gun; not very nice I guess but fun nevertheless.
Every summer the creeks around our neighborhood would dry up into puddles and then there would be a bunch of tadpoles swimming in them that we could easily catch and put in a jar or bucket and try to raise them into frogs.

There was a private golf course about a quarter of a mile away fromus and we used to occasionally go on it when no one was playing golf and they used to keep plastic rakes near all the sand traps to keep them smooth and we would grab the rakes and throw them around and play with them. Or I’m ashamed to say but for no reason we used to mess up their putting greens, The grass was short on them and we would stomp holes and dents on the greens, just mindless mischief but boy, I imagine when they discovered what we did they had to be really pissed and wanted to kill whoever did it.

We flew paper kites, we had water balloon fights. In sixth grade during the summer me and my friend would get a bucket, some Tide laundry detergent and a couple sponges and go down the length of our apartment complex and wash peoples cars for 75 cents. We played hide and seek and Red Light, Green Light. We would go to construction sites where they were building a house or apartment and steal wood and nails.

We played with sling shots that we bought for a buck at the drug store. Me and my friends usually had rabbits feet we kept in our Levi jeans pocket for good luck, I think they were a quarter a piece. Building models was popular, planes and cars.

I just did a lot of normal kid stuff. I was maybe a little weird but I was lucky enough to have two normal friends who were kind of the leaders and I did everything they did from riding skateboards to jumping into the swimming pool from the roof of the house. We were friends from 5th grade to about two years after high school.
We went from climbing trees and wrestling and playing at the park to smoking pot and driving our cars to the beach and taking acid.

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