What I did today, a before and after

I would love the art,

Hate the kids!

I am planning to to some volunteer work with my (actual artist) friend that involves teaching kids to paint,

Definitely would not work everyday.

But thank you for the compliment!

I finished all four chairs today and am doing the table tomorrow.

I’ll post an after picture then!


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U remind me a lil of my computer graphics teacher, have this natural sweetness about u. I am glad u r gonna teach kids to paint, sure they will love u.





I did this yesterday:

Ignore the boxes,

I’m working on it…


Beautiful. The chair and you :blush::raised_hands:

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That is truly a terrible picture of me, but I was so proud of the chairs I had to post it.

Pretty sure I hadn’t bathed or brushed my hair for several days at that point.

I’m gross sometimes and I’m okay with that.


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You’re still beautiful :blush: :raised_hands:

Oh, stop it!!

Not really,

I love compliments…

fantastic work @anon54386108 !! your house looks rather expensive? are you well off? sorry if too personal.

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Its a nice house,

My husband makes good money,

I make so-so money,

So yeah, I guess we’re pretty well off.

But we spent some years being flat broke, so I appreciate my fancy things. A lot.

And if the ground falls from under us again, we both know how to survive on a shoestring budget.

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well I’m happy for you…I live in a slovenly rent house…I hate it…I would kill to own my own home…good for you honey.

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Nicely done @anon54386108! :slight_smile:

She looks like a sexy lady to me.

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Thank you.

And I’ve been there,

Could be there again, who knows?

Keep your head up, homie,

You’re a good guy with solid advice that I’ve always appreciated.

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