What I did today, a before and after

I’m repainting and recovering my dining room furnature,

And I’ve gotten off to a good start.

One chair completed,

I’ll keep loading pictures as I progress…


Wow, such a difference !

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The coat is uneven, and the cushion is off center,

But I’m getting this done regardless.

“A little unhinged” is pretty much my aesthetic in all things, I embrace it.



That looks awesome!

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Thank you so much!

I’m pretty excited…

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Nice, bright difference. Who’s the girl?

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Thank you!

That is a very unflattering picture of me!

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oh. I thought rex meant you are a guy, but maybe that’s a picture of a guy?

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Nope, its me,

A sexy, sexy lady!

And my perfectly refurbished furniture.



How did you happen to pick that user name?

Really nice job !

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The story that got me into writing was named “Golden” and I like dinosaurs!

Also, I’m a big Clark Gable fan, thus the picture.

Usually for writing or internet related things I take a male persona,

But this forum has a good vibe, so I think everyone knows I’m a woman now, its in my profile.

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wow @anon54386108 that is so awesome !! I admire your effort !!

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looking great!

Thanks @jukebox and @macy,

I’ve got two chairs done,

Working on the third.


I really like the color you you picked. Its very freshing and cheery. I used it as a wall paint once. Lots And lots of colors can tie in with it(pink, brown, gold etc)…very versitile.

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I really like the paint and upholstery fabric color selections. You have a wonderful eye for design. Your dining set is well on its way to being fabulously up-cycled! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, thank you!

Its going pretty well, I think.


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is it getting hot in here or what?! :cold_sweat:

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I could see u being a good art teacher.