What I did this Saturday morning

I have my regular janitor job but they gave me another job too. There’s a historical house located in a big park in my city. It’s an old two story Victorian house; it’s the oldest house in my city, it’s from the 1800’s and it is a tourist attraction and It is a very popular place for weddings. It is furnished with antiques and old knickknacks. It’s open to the public to just check out. We have a contract to clean it and get it ready for weddings.So every Saturday I go there with my cleanings supplies at 7:00 am and clean it. I have to finish by 9:00 am. But they trust me with the keys to the place. I go there by myself when no one else is there and let myself in, do my work, and then set the alarm and lock it up when I leave. Easy work.


Wow! You’re doing alot. I hate cleaning, so I commend you for doing that. I’ve cut my work hours due to difficulty with school, and I feel bad about that. I did alot today, though, here at home. Too hyper to watch TV.

Did you see any spooky old women in the house yet? Are you afraid of ghosts or do you tell them to pick up a brush and start helping you clean?


Victorian ghosts are the worse. They expect you to be civilized or a china tea cup will move around on the table. :scream:

Better remember to keep that pinky finger up while sipping the tea!