What i believe

Men and women voices. Telling me what they can do to me. They can read my thoughts , control my mind and watch me. That is why I know they can harm me. They say if I don’t do what they want and say they will kill me. They can watch me at all time and know what I’m doing. That is why they can harm me.

I believe a man is following me. He follows me around town and my home. I can see this man when others can not. He promises me things. he would frighten me. he would call me names. terrible names. he would belittle me. I would spend all day in bed speaking to this mans voice. Multiple other men and women voices I can hear and get scared by. He came out of the walls. I could hear him and the others putting me down again. I cry why are you doing this to me again. I want to die because I cant live up to this mans expectations. He tells me what to think,.

You need to talk to mental health professional as quickly as you can. You shouldn’t have to live with these kinds of torments. They will probably put you on medication.

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When you say that no one else can see this man-only you-then you know it`s not real.
Are you taking medication?***

yes I take abilify. it works but I live in fear. he will come and really knock me off my treatment.

Sounds like your married rather than paranoid.

im not married sorry

Maybe you should tell your pdoc about this. I’m on 30mg of Abilify to help with my positive symptoms. 15and 20mg did not help me much as I still got paranoid and delusional.

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