What i believe in

I’m going to be simple about explaining my feelings about the voices. Last night they were talking to me and they said something that really alarmed me. It was they knew what I was thinking and it only scares me or makes me believe in them in real life more when things happen to me like that.I cant remember what they said though. I also am having trouble seeing peoples faces and I see double sometimes. Schizo affects me that way as well as makes me believe that they know what im thinking at all time s and its hard to concentrate

Your voices are not entities, they are part of your mind. It’s easier for us to think of them as outsiders, with wants and wills, but they don’t have any, they’re just a reflection of your subconscious mind, of your fears, etc. Maybe you thinking about them as outside forces instead as part of you it’s what’s scaring you.

They can’t hurt you, they’re not real.


I believe I’ll have another drink, of milk that is…

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Some peoples is just garbled noise…so did we get lucky and get full on talking…or is it worse…or do they just suck differently…i get sentences two or three sided convos…alot of cheecky back talk…and whispers…

I get it all - sometimes just whispers, mostly garbled around other people. Sometimes full conversations between two or more I listen in on, sometimes conversations with me included, sometimes full outright arguments and yelling. When I get around other people and they are talking everything becomes just noise and if they are vying for my attention they get louder until I can’t hear anything.

But yes I am still very much delusion and refuse to accept it is my mind only. For the most part I don’t want them to go away because of meds. For me it is a personal, biblical responsibility and I was more depressed and suicidal when the meds made it where I couldn’t hear them. I thought I failed in my duty and responsibilities as their guardian.

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Yup meds depress me too…im on day eight…i still hear and see stuff…but the meds dont sedate much…just make me feel neutral about everything…sucks…but its controlling intensity of it all i guess…

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I am just to the point after 40+ yrs of this ■■■■ this is where I am at.

I will not accept:

  1. Sleeping my life away being zombiefied.
  2. EPS side effects.
  3. Continuing to be a med guinea pig at the expense of my own health.

When I was psychotic the voices would scream at me and it was hard to concentrate. I don’t have visual hallucinations but I do know that you don’t want to start believing in the hallucinations. You should try to talk to a pdoc about getting on some meds. They have nasty side effects but many think that it is worth it to be able to handle the hallucinations.

I hate meds and their damn side affects.I have been manic for two days .I take prozac and more than once I have wanted to dump them down the toilet .

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@wonderdunk I see what you are saying. I agree with most of it. I choose not to keep the demons - I cast them out permanently.
Yes I learned from Christian texts but mostly original in the ancient original languages and other religious texts in their original language and when you read them all you see the similarities that all have together. they are more alike than not. Most Christians choose only to read their version of the bible but forget the original and those that the worldly kings hid or removed from teachings. But God said not let any of it be changed but that is what was done, so you have to research archives and find the originals to study. I have learned to read many languages very well and am fluent in reading them.

I think its to late for me I have been on meds for more than 20years straight.

I am sleeping more than half my life away.

When I finally get out of bed and wake up things are not so bad and my antipsychotic gives me a break from voices and my constant focus on God.

From a very young age I had frontaltemporal dysfunction. It is not that we grow another area. When learned young in life, the area of use Broca region is widened on imaging scans whereas as an adult learner separate areas are used Broca, Wernicke’s and other areas.

After three strokes and my car accident, I suffered permanent damage to my frontal lobe and suffer global aphasia in both locations most notably in phonemic paraphasia. Verbal is getting worse as time passes and will unfortunately further progress in written as well.

Your voices are entities, they are not part of your mind. It’s easier for us to think of them as outsiders with wants and wills because they are. You can think of them as outside forces instead of part of you. They can hurt you they are real.

So try to ignore those bad ones :wink:

Nope, nope, nope. A big, huge, massive, universal nope.

But thanks though, I’ll be taking my meds forever. :wink:

idk mine was verified by MRI and testing. I take epileptic meds for my seizures.

I don’t have normal verbal or writing or reading - I always mix up words even though I know what I am trying to say. I get stuck on word meanings sometimes normal words I should know or how they are written I forget what the letters are and it is very difficult to read more than 2-3 sentences together.

I skip most and read just first two sentence of each paragraph or I get confused and frustrated. It takes me long to write or type for re-editing to get it right.

When talking if someone says to much or goes to fast I get confused. It sucks and it was getting worse from ap meds. I am hoping now I am off it won’t get worse, but it probably will.