What I ate today Part 2 šŸŒ±

A cup of coffee with cashew milk

A banana

a bowl of fresh kale, red lettuce, black olives, vegan cheddar cheese, walnuts, fresh mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

An orange
a handful of vegetable chips

Chamomile tea

Later for dinner I will eat

Vegan hotdog in brown toast, with vegan cheese, pickles, vegan mayonnaise and ketchup.

And some more tea.

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A small banana and orange. Yep, a whole orange and a little peel.
A corndog with ketchup and mustard. Health food.
A leftover turkey sandwich (frozen from the holidays).
An vanilla ice cream and blueberry shake.
I should be more careful about what I eat, but Iā€™m happy.

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Full English breakfast with 3 eggs, lots of bacon, 4 sausages baked beans, black pudding soaked in Sheeps blood, tomatoes, 10 cups of coffee, milk shake with extra milk and chocolate, chicken curry for lunch, spaghetti bolognese with bacon and mince beef with red wine.

Feast for a king!

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Iā€™m not eating today

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