What I amxoxoxo


I am a college graduate

a published author

a volunteer all my life

a race runner

a mother

a sister

a home owner

a car owner

a Christian

a lover to Phil

a pet owner

oh and by the way, I have paranoid schizophrenia


You are nothing of these. You are the unaffected witness of your body and mind. Pure consciousness, dear


haha what honey?

just giving definitions.

you didn’t like it?


I like it daze.


I disagree with you. We humans are mind body and soul


I disagree with you. The subject of perception is always someone else than the object of perception. If you can perceive your body and your mind, you are not that


I’m not sure what you’re saying,

likely you are smarter than me

I was just listing what I think I am

I know it’s not a definite, but what I’ve done.


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