What I am doing this Summer!

So last year was huge. Lots of personal goals reached like weight loss and giving up things like booze. Doing heaps of exercise and all and it’s good but need to get off the computer. Spent far too much time on message boards and computer games…

Anyways. Got a new hobby. It’s not so intensive as other ones but it’s interesting and a bit of fun and it incorporates a lot of technical tinkering which suits my brain.

So. It’s early days and just got a decent digital set in that I’m soon to upgrade but these days it looks like I’m a slot car dude! Just had a race with dad and he beat me but long ways too go! :slight_smile:

This is just a rough setup as I don’t have a lot of room but will publish pics when it’s together…I built the base over my bed so I sleep under it! Small houses and all!


That’s a real good set up you got there !

It reminds me of Morgan Freemen from A Good Person movie !

Reminds me he leaves a letter in the end of the movie to her.

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