What hurted me the most

Seeing you start to give up on me.
Seeing i wasn’t good enough for you.
Realizing you had better.
Accepting what happened.
Playing that thought.
Knowing it really happened and that i wasn’t hallucinating when the imagery came to my mind.
It did Happen. Can i blame you. No because i already knew it was going to Happen . Being in denial made me delusional. I didn’t want to believe . i thought i was just over thinking. What entity gave me that vision. The not so happy vision. But that was years ago so I’m cool now. I’ll rise… I’ll come up on top in the end of all of this


12$/hr isn’t bad money!

Got dammit can i enjoy a train ride. They sit next to me and well now i have to conversate. Peace people. I don’t want to look awkward

Its plenty of seats. I can’t tell them my personality then they won’t leave me …ok she moved. The awkwardness wins