What hip hop do you like right now

To the people saying Kendrick Lamar isn’t A rap legend anymore because he hadn’t released any music in 5 years

This is all I gotta say

Here’s another song I like

And a throwback that’s hitting good in my mind rn


The new Kendrick Lamar album slaps fr fr.

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I’ve prob heard 10 songs from it on Sirius Xm and plus 2 I initially heard on YouTube. Haven’t got a chance to sit down and listen to every song like I did every album of his since section 80.

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Its really good, like usual.

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The flow of the album is really nice.

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Good question. I need to hear new hip hop.

There’s a lot of female rappers now are popular I’d say. All the hit songs these days have girls on it even if the girl is the feature. Unless it’s like j cole then it doesn’t need a chick

I like this Russ song

Was it kendric who dropped a new ambum recently? I dont really listen to much rap now but theres some fire M.c.'s out there.

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