What helps with the negative symptoms the most

What helps with the negative symptoms the most?

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It really is hard to start but exercise really has helped me. Set some goals. Start simple but do it regular and increase your goals. You like football. Sport really has helped me get better.


Good answer……….

Sometimes when faced with negative symptoms I employ the waiting game. Usually, for me, they will eventually pass. Also getting out for a walk in nature can help. Like sit under a tree or go sit outside at night and gaze at the stars.

A patient pdoc, a well trained therapist, and a reliable med cocktail goes a long way too.


Keeping busy.1515151515


I find routine has helped me a lot.
Making a plan of what I need to do each week or day, and then making each assignment into overcomable bits and doing them at the same time each time.

Coffee also helps me quite a bit.

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Music saves me a lot.

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In my case, being in a mutually loving relationship worked miracles.

Caffeine and cigarettes my friend

I’m trying Sarcosine, determination and strong willpower are helping me.

Music, fishing, l theanine, tea, coffee

On a day like this, it feels like nothing helps :confused:

But you don’t want MY music.

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When I see that something simple needs to be done, I always feel that horrible negative symptom resistance of initiating action. I am now mindful of that and mentally say “do it now”, and attempt to do it right away instead of delaying it. Making “do it now” a mantra and doing as much as you can, but more importantly right away, I hope will ameliorate my avolition. Even if it’s not going to help in the long run, I still mentally congratulate myself on being able to do at least that much that day. And hey, there is less trash lying around.

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