What helped you to get 'better'?

I had my 2nd appointment with the psychosis team today and I will be seeing them weekly and also seeing a psychiatrist in a couple of weeks.
In the past, I have tried CBT twice (for social anxiety) and didn’t find it helpful at all. I knew I was being irrational yet the bad thoughts stayed.

How does therapy help for psychosis? Does it even help?

Even though I’m terrified of taking meds, I know that I’ll probably have no choice soon. I can’t keep listening to this bulls*** in my mind forever.
Right now they are saying that I am not worth living, I can’t do anything, my family are ashamed of me etc.

Also, the nurses said that they don’t think I have schizophrenia.
I find it weird how the treatments I’ll be having are for schizophrenia yet I’m not schizophrenic?? Interesting.


The biggest factor in my getting better was the decision to get better. Everything followed from that.


I do want to get better but I don’t know how.

Every time I mention to my family that I’m having a good day they start saying things like “ooo you’d better start looking for jobs then” and then I get stressed out and the voices are really loud.

I know I’ll have to get a job at some point but right now I just don’t feel ready… I want the voices telling me to end my life to go away or at least reduce first.

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CBT did help me, more than anything else. It was a turning point in my recovery/management because it taught me to react differently to the thoughts and voices and visions, etc.
I was a victim before, and now I am not.


Seeing a good psychologist, living with my supportive parents for several years, having a good psychiatrist, having had a late onset with a good education behind me, having a mind-set of trying to continually improve myself, allowing myself the freedom to fail.


CBT did nothing helpful for my psychotic symptoms, or really any symptoms

My strong resilience, my rational mindset and my indifference to ‘essential’ comforts (money, goods, friends, partners, success…).

peace of mind, …a correction my views and outlook…, not worrying anymore…wising up…grateful of little things…spirituality…rising above stigma…value my opinions…studying on subjects I enjoy…my miricalious son…my dreams and plans…life…past present future…no fear…philosophy…strength of character…love…optimistic to my core…good will for others…wisdom…and much more words can’t describe…

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Antipsychotics and time.

One of the first things I do after I wake up is make my bed. It instills discipline and I’ve accomplished something.

I’ve learned to be an optimist, and I surround myself with optimists. People are not born optimists or pessimists, they’re conditioned to be one or the other. A pessimist will weigh your life down like a two-ton anchor.

I’ve learned that the vast majority of my life is determined by how I react to situations.

I realize that I’m interdependent on people.

Don’t quit. Be proactive. Give yourself a chance to have some luck.

If these habits and principles can help me (I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed) they can help anyone.

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Schemea therapy CBT and the best thing was a 8 week mindfulness for psychosis course I did.

The mindfulness made the voices go away and helped me chill out.

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Meds, positive attitude, therapy, healthy lifestyle


I wish I could say I’m mentally better but I am learning to cope better. The meds help and after five therapists I think I snagged a winner. This therapist is in walking distance and she has evening appointments which makes me happy.

My grandma is a huge help as well. Also, moving into a small place of my own was a wise choice as I feel the responsibility gives me a little more motivation. I either lived with roommates or parents in the past so embracing this change was a welcomed experience.

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