What have you learned from books


What have you learned from books


dude no offense but this is like your tenth post within a couple hours…are you feeling manic?


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I have learnt that books and wisdom is maya too


What is maya…


Maya, illusion. Like the oasis in desert


Where does it came from , what does it mean?


In Indian philosophy, Maya is illusion. Like when seeing a rope in the darkness and you mistake it for snake.


Cool I love it…


All the fear comes from your mistake that rope is a snake. If you see rope as rope, there’s no fear anymore


Is kali goddess the same ?


Kali is the female power. The power of fire to heat. It’s the effect. Siva is the cause.
Together they are this cosmic maya and the reality behind it.


Very tangled… it’s too difficult for me to understand the philosophy I need to study and study


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First I drink 5 coffee cups eat chips and corns have Coca Cola and beef


Three of the most important things were my religion, my feminism and music.


I’d estimate that 90% of my knowledge is from books and newspapers. The rest may be from lectures, TV, radio, etc.

Someone not reading books and newspapers will just drift through life, not knowing. Reading is the best delivery system for information at a deep level.


Don’t bury your cat in a pet sematary

Also don’t trust loners with acne.


been reading a book but i cant follow it, its sporadic and i cant follow the characters.

its book by a comedians wife, its either very intelligent and betond my level of understanding or it could have been made easier to follow and it is just the way it is written.


It’s hard to say because I’ve read a billion books. I guess the most important thing I’ve learned is not to read while taking a bath if you are really tired. I did that a lot as a kid and dropped innumerable books into the water.