What has Schizophrenia taught you?

For me it did not come with an epiphany.

All the things people say about what it ought to teach you seem to me something that I already did before sz.

I always am empathetic towards people.
I am polite.
I care upmost about my friends.
I know that mentally I could get over a lot of things even when I had suicidal thoughts, and I knew I wouldn’t give up without a fight. SZ did not teach me that I already was that way.
I know I could focus on something 100%…that did not help with sz🤕
You all seem nice people but I would rather have met you all in other circumstances and not on this forum.
I already treasured life 100%. But when SZ began I was almost happy that someday I will die…it’s lucky I do not think that way anymore.
I already cared for people with chronic conditions during my life and tried to listen to what they had to say and help.

SZ only complicated things for me. It didn’t teach me much. I’m not perfect whatsoever, but I know before sz I tried to be a good person and transform negative energy from people into something positive, more upbeat.
When someone was rude to me I tried to understand why. Now, with sz I do not care anymore, and it’s your own problem if you like me or not.
It taught me that God is the guy who you pray to when you are totally stricken, and that he will not listen or help.

SZ taught me…life is not fair, and I do not believe in fairytales.
SZ taught me how fortunate it is to have good mental wellbeing.
SZ taught me that there are a lot of unscrupulous people trying to make money from me by saying they have ‘the cure’. Schizophrenia fell out of the sky onto me, $2000 did not.
SZ taught me that a lot of people do not care or understand what we have, and think it is something minor.
SZ taught me that when you get negative symptoms you cannot do a damn thing about it when they take over, try as you might.

I know I post some affirmative things but I always try to be honest. And the more I think about it the more I believe in what I just said - SZ taught me no thing positive! Yet I have seen with my own eyes that new things can happen…so we must not give up hope people!

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I rather say what being medicated and going to therapy taught me, to be honest. Schizophrenia itself just taught me delusional stuff that I shook off once medicated.

After my dx, I spent a year in denial (or anosognosia, not ever formally dxd), researching about sz and sza. The first thing I learned was about descrimination, and how I was descriminated for having a mental illness by the people closest to me. That was an eye opener.
The second was neuroplasticity, I had no idea just how powerful it is.
The third. and most important in my eyes, was the recovery oriented mindset that is so helpful in any case of behavioral, mental or psysical problem. Really changed my life for the better.


I tend to agree with you sza in itself has taught me nothing useful but the rounds of hospitals have taught me:

Take my meds
Obey my doctor
Stay away from non prescribed drugs and alcohol
Cut myself some slack
Take time out when I need to
The list could go on

Sz taught me that we humans are pretty sturdy and will not easily break.
Sz taught me that life is too short to waste on being passive and pessimistic.
Sz taught me that when you get pushed over, you have to get up and keep going.


It taught me who i really was. That i was in denial and self delusioned for so long. Taught me im not invincible. Taught me humility. Taught me to treasure life and try and enjoy it again. Taught me pain and struggle. Taught me i am stronger than i thought i was. Taught me to live without the masks. Recovery has been difficult, but better now than i was a few years ago killing myself slowly. Taught me i can do it if i work hard. Taught me who really does care for me in my life. Taught me a lot.

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what has schizophrenia taught me : patients is a night mere. and you health is your own.

clichés and commonplaces - and those aren’t bad things to be reminded of sometimes.

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Schizophrenia has taught me that there are many reasons to care for people with disability, with homelessness and unemployment, as well as those with suicidal thoughts.

Life is not always like what the TV commercials have portrayed. Life has ups and downs especially with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

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The joys and pains of madness…